Top 10 Conspiracy theories of All Time | CrazyTop10

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Top 10 Conspiracy theories of All Time | CrazyTop10
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Top 10 conspiracy theories of All time

     The best conspiracy stories are always a frightening mystery. Time and time again something happens behind our backs and without little information we are forced to come up with a solution ourselves. People begin guessing as to what happened and that is the start of rumors and people spreading them. Now people around the globe are believing and arguing over so many conspiracies and it makes the world seem like a dark place (Which it is). Conspiracy theories are all over the place and you can find a theory about anything these days.

Top 10 Conspiracy theories of All Time | CrazyTop10
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     So let us talk about the mind! A conspiracy can cause someones nerves to become unstable and sweat as they hear the gruesome theories many come up with. Now I am no psychology expert but, many stories just freak me out and have me thinking…. What if? Is this real? I sometimes even question my own existence. The worst part is many theories eventually get proven true. so, sit back and prepare for some amazing theories people have thought up in this Top 10 conspiracy theories article! Let’s get started!

10. Micheal Jackson is STILL Alive!

     A lot of Conspiracy theories revolve around Micheal Jackson as a famous star. Many believe he was in the Illuminati and others believe he molested children. However, this theory is that he never died.  How can this be? A lot of people have come up with evidence of his death being a hoax since it happened. The evidence can be a bit overwhelming as each little bit dives deeper into the mystery.

     Evidence includes many things including the fact that TMZ was able to report on Micheal Jackson’s death before the UCLA medical center said any of the details. The coroner’s also refused to sign MJ’s death certificate and a lot of information was left out as well. The conspiracy theory also goes together with him being in the Illuminati. He kept saying “This is it, the final curtain call” and “See you in July.” He was vegetarian and cared about his health so why would he overdose on accident if he was the kind of health fanatic as everyone believed him to be.

     Do you think Micheal Jackson is Alive? Wanna judge more for yourself? You can learn so much more from one of my favorite documentaries about him at the amazon link below

9. Hitler Lived in Argentina

     Adolf hitler, the infamous leader of the Nazi, died in a bunker from committing suicide with his wife, or did he? Theorists believe that he may of escaped to argentina and lived the rest of his days with his wife! Well, most of you are thinking that it is not possible, but they had escape boats that lead nazis to south america during WWII called U-boats. Hitler also had several escape tunnels found inside the bunker that he was suppose to commit suicide in. Yes, two bodies were found but neither were ever confirmed.


     He could of escaped quite easily and left a couple of other people to die in his and his wife’s place.  He also had president Juan Perón in his back pocket. Juan would have easily allowed him privacy after coming to Argentina. With Stallin Refusing to answer as to whether or not Hitler really died, we may never know! If you would like to get more details, I recommend you get this book that explains exactly why these conspiracy theories came to life!

8. Global warming is a HOAX?

     Honestly, this is the only one I would hope to be true! It is scary, dangerous, and could be the end of the human race as we speak. or could it? Many theorists believe that global warning may in fact be false. Murray Energy’s CEO hired 4,000 scientists to study and figure out more about global warming. The scientists mentioned all came to the conclusion that it is not a threat to man kind.


      Other evidence has surfaced as well. So much evidence has come up that even Donald Trump and a lot of the Republican party have called it a hoax. There are a lot of arguments on both sides and they are each trying to prove each other wrong. Even John Coleman from The Weather Channel claims it is a hoax and he has a good argument too.

     In this video he really made me think about global warming as a whole. With just one example he blew my mind. Maybe, just maybe it is all a Hoax and if it is then this would be one of the greatest conspiracies of all times. If you don’t know much about or believe in global warming you can learn more at the link below.

7. Area 51: Alien theory

    Okay, the majority of you have heard this one before. If you haven’t then here is a summary. Conspiracy theorists from all around the globe believe that the US’s military is hiding and studying aliens in a secret base called Area 51. The base is located in Lincoln county, Nevada and is surrounded by desert. There are warning signs all over the property for miles and any trespassers are typically never seen again. The worst part is that the media doesn’t cover such incidents. This area is a law free zone and you will see white jeeps with men and machine guns guarding the place…. Yikes!


     Now what about the aliens? Area 51 is obviously very hidden and secret. So secret that the government denies its existence 90% of the time. People claim to have spotted UFO‘s in the Mojave desert next to Area 51. However, the majority of ufo sightings are in the California part of the Mojave desert. See this for yourself in the embedded video.

     How does this relate to Area 51? Well, people assume Area 51 has captured aliens and UFO’s for various reasons. Reasons like an agent that claims to have worked at Area 51 that talks about alien existence in area 51. Now, whether or not this was grandpa’s  last wish to troll the internet or a real confirmation, we may never know!  For more information about the topic, you can purchase a book at one of the amazon links below depending on if you are more interested in Area 51 or whether you wanna learn more about alien existence in general.

6. Planet X

     This newer conspiracy theory is rising in popularity as people slowly start believing the world is going to end with us being struck by another planet called Niberu. Many people claim that the governments around the globe are preparing for the apocalypse as we speak with reports of underground tunnels being built and they are stockpiling resources.

NASA however has specifically stated, that we are not going to be hit by Planet X and that we have no reason to believe otherwise. NASA has also confirmed the existence of this planet and how it is moving itself into our solar system. Now whether you believe all of the conspiracy theorists out there or you believe in NASA, We will find out soon enough, as it is said to hit in October. If you would like all of the information please check out the amazon link below!

5. Aliens on the moon?

    Aliens are just a huge topic for conspiracies. So many people believe aliens exist so we had to include a second alien theory on this list. Some people believe that aliens live on the Dark Side of the moon. Since the moon does not rotate except on it’s own axis which means we never see the other side of the moon so it is natural for people to be curious about what is on the other side. It is believed that aliens have a civilization built and are monitoring us all of the time. There are pictures of possible structures on the moon and even people revealing that the first men on the moon DID encounter aliens! This one is a pretty in depth theory and would take a long time to go into but watch the video below and it will explain so much. On this list I must say this one was the most interesting to me because of how much content is put into this theory.

    This video gives the main explanation as to what the conspiracy is about and if you are really interested I suggest taking a look at the book below, because this book is very detailed and great for a complete understanding of how aliens can be living on the moon!

4. The top members of the Illuminati are Lizards!

     Almost 12 million Americans believe that the government is ran by “Lizard men” from the top of the Illuminati. Why do they believe this? Well, historians have discovered ancient tablets and artifacts that shows lizard people engraved from thousands of years ago. The lizards are being called The Babylonian Brotherhood. They are believed to be shapeshifters that work their way up into high ranking positions around the world. People have accused all presidents and leaders of being these “Shapshifters”.  David Icke is the one who brought this theory to life with his in depth speech. Personally, this is probablty the most weird one I have seen, but because of it’s popularity, I think that it deserves the #4 spot on our list.  

    Honestly, this would just creep me out if it turned out true somehow. I would have no problem with lizardmen, but anything with greater intelligence than the human race would make me paranoid. For more information check out David Icke’s 600+ page book on Amazon.

3. The government spies on you!

    This is one that has been around for a while now. Many people believe the government is constantly watching all of us. Now, I do believe that the government watches us to some extent, but I don’t think it is all the time. Otherwise, the government would catch all of the drug dealers around the US within no time. However, it is believed that they watch you through your cell phone and laptop cameras all of the time. Your actions on the keyboard are checked and sent to a database to be analysed and internet providers leak your website information. Also, Google releases any suspicious searches to the government automatically. These are common beliefs now.

     Do you think you are being spied on? are you feeling…. paranoid yet? Want to protect yourself? Check out the link below! A book on everything you need to know!

2. Twin Towers was an inside job

     Show of hands, how many knew this one was coming? This conspiracy theory has been around since 2001 and countng. Theorists have figured out so many things about the 9/11 attack since that fateful day 16 years ago. The evidence includes the way the explosions happened. You can find all over the internet videos of explosions that was not directly caused by the plane crash which means that there was likely explosives inside. If that was the case maybe this was a controlled demolition? A lot of people also believe that the government detected the aircraft, but chose to do nothing about it on purpose. This conspiracy is as popular or even more popular than the assassination of JFK. Which JFK’s assassination did not make this list. In the following video you will see a lot of evidence. 

     This is important information considering that those of us living in the US are relying on our government to protect us. I and many of us would like to know exactly what happened and at this point we can only speculate that it was a demoliton with only the government itself in the center of it all. A good idea of what the twin towers is all about can be found in the following book.

1. Chemtrail Conspiracy

     Ever look in the sky and see planes or jets flying overhead leaving behind a seemingly harmless trail of white smoke? Normally people would think nothing of it. However, as technology is getting more advanced people are starting to question whether or not it is dangerous. People have reported crops and plant life dying or becoming different shades of color within a week or so after a trail passes overhead. Chemtrails are thought to contain small amounts of chemicals that can lead to cancer or other diseases. The growing rate of cancer patients are being questioned as well since chemtrails are becoming more and more frequent. Maybe, it is designed to eliminate weaker people to make room and keep the population under control. Who know? One thing is for certain…. There is a lot of evidence that points to it being a true conspiracy.

    Chemtrails are scary and unknown so that is why people are panicking all across the US. This theory has attracted a lot of paranoia and skeptics all the same. The reason this one made #1 is because of the sheer number of people on each side of the argument. It is a current issue and with all of the conspiracy theories out there…. this one has people panicking the most. If you want all of the information in one source do check out the book below! 

Thank you for reading

     This is the first blog ever written on this website, thank you for taking the time to read through it and watch some or all of the videos posted. Conspiracies are becoming more and more diverse as the years progress and nowadays there are thousands of conspiracies around the globe. This top 10 was decided based on popularity and longevity. if you have an idea about a top 10 that you would like to see me write about or if something you think should be here isn’t, then please visit our contact page and while you are at it you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on our posts and new features on our website. In the future we plan on doing giveaways, contests, and more!


     Once again thank you for reading, Stay smart, stay safe.

Steven, Author